Turnkey Solutions to Decommission Legacy Oil & Gas Assets Since 1991

Orr Energy Services, LLC (ORR) provides a comprehensive range of services, including Plugging & Abandonment, Well Service Rigs, Loaders, Lay Down Machines, and more.


ORR is your destination for all Plug & Abandonment (P&A) Operations. Our team takes care of every project on a Turnkey basis, handling everything from initial document submissions to final P/A filing. We pride ourselves on seamless communication, promptly relaying any MOCs, changes in scope, or procedures directly to our customers and state agencies, ensuring smooth operations without any downtime.

With a dedicated management team, we offer real-time troubleshooting support for all current and upcoming projects. Our commitment to transparency extends to providing daily reports for each ongoing operation via email to all State Agencies, and BLM submissions come at no additional cost to our valued customers.


  • Specialization in Plug and Abandonment Services
  • Strong Safety Culture
  • Extensive Experience
  • Engineering Support and Reporting
  • All Employees PEC/Safeland Certified
  • Rig Operators Certified in IADC Well Control Program
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Optimized Productivity
  • Recognized for Notable Safety Awards

We take pride in delivering top-notch services and ensuring a successful and efficient P&A process for all our clients.


Our equipment is maintained on OEM preventative maintenance schedules and our employees attend monthly safety meetings

At ORR, we prioritize the utmost safety and reliability of our equipment. To achieve this, we strictly adhere to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) preventative maintenance schedules. This ensures that our equipment remains in optimal condition, minimizing any potential risks or downtime during operations.

Moreover, our commitment to safety goes beyond maintenance. Our dedicated team of employees actively participates in monthly safety meetings. These meetings serve as a platform to discuss safety protocols, address potential concerns, and reinforce the importance of safety in every aspect of our operations.

By upholding stringent maintenance standards and fostering a safety-conscious workforce, we strive to deliver top-notch services while maintaining the highest level of safety and operational excellence.


At ORR, our team boasts an impressive 200 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry. Each member of our workforce is PEC/Safeland certified, ensuring a strong foundation in safety protocols and industry best practices. Additionally, all our rig operators are certified in an IADC Well Control program, demonstrating their expertise in handling critical well control situations.

Furthermore, from the moment an employee joins our team, they undergo a rigorous process of incorporation into our Safety Matrix. This comprehensive program encompasses all necessary training and safety standards mandated by OSHA for our industry. By prioritizing safety from the very beginning, we instill a culture of security and adherence to the highest safety standards throughout every aspect of our operations.

With a skilled and safety-oriented team, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional services while maintaining the highest level of safety and compliance in the oil and gas industry

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