Introducing Orr’s New Service King Rig: Pioneering Efficiency for P&A

Orr Energy Services LLC (OES) is excited to announce the latest addition to our plugging fleet, a cutting-edge Service King rig. Our advanced technology and methodologies empower us to expertly plug and abandon oil and gas wells. With a team of seasoned technicians, we ensure the rig operates safely, efficiently, and with environmentally responsibility. This new addition allows us to expand our operations. We look forward to putting it into action!

Eagle Environmental Group LLC forms Orr Energy Services LLC

Eagle Environmental Group LLC (Eagle), based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has successfully merged the assets of Orr Enterprises, Inc (ORR) from Duncan, OK, and two other significant acquisitions in the Oilfield Service sector, to form Orr Energy Services, LLC (OES). As a result of this merger, OES now stands as the largest well plugging company in the mid-continent region, with a specific focus on decommissioning legacy energy infrastructure assets.

OES will continue its operations from yards located in Duncan and Enid, OK, as well as Perryton, TX. Steve Antry, CEO of Eagle, expressed his satisfaction with the merger, stating, “We are pleased to announce this merger and are excited that OES will continue to operate with its seasoned CEO Ron Orr at the helm, providing that continuity of leadership.”

In partnership with Yorktown Energy Partners, Eagle aims to strengthen its position in the transitional energy industry, focusing on the decommissioning and plugging of legacy energy infrastructure assets. This merger is a significant step towards achieving their strategic goals in the energy sector.

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