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ORR is a Turnkey Plug & Abandon Solutions Company, bringing extensive expertise to the table. Our proficiency extends to effective communication with both valued customers and state agencies, ensuring a seamless and transparent process throughout.

Plug and Abandonment Specialist since 1991

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Plug And Abandonment Specialists since 1991.

ORR’s journey began with humble beginnings, starting with no rigs, one cementing unit, and a bulk cement truck. Despite these modest origins, the company’s dedication and hard work led to significant accomplishments. The pivotal point came when ORR undertook the task of plugging 200 wells for Amoco Production Company in Southern Oklahoma.

The momentum continued from Duncan, OK, as ORR added a second yard in Perryton, Texas, in 2004, marking the formal launch of the business in its current configuration. Over time, ORR’s success story has been marked by plugging thousands of wells across four states, and the company has impressively expanded to include 17 rigs and 11 cementing units. This growth has been underpinned by a workforce of over 150 skilled individuals in Texas and Oklahoma. Part of this expansion involved merging with Eagle Environmental Group based in Tulsa, resulting in absorbing an additional yard in Enid, Oklahoma.

Today, ORR boasts a vast customer base, with over 300 clients benefiting from its services. Notably, the company’s 17-rig fleet holds the distinction of having the newest average age among all P&A companies in the oil field, with an average of just 6.4 years. Every rig is equipped with Crown/Floor Savers and meets all OSHA and API RP 4G requirements, further underscoring ORR’s commitment to operational excellence and safety.

ORR’s remarkable journey from its inception to its current position exemplifies the company’s dedication, growth, and commitment to providing exceptional services in the oil and gas industry.


ORR places paramount importance on safety and certifications. All our employees are PEC/Safeland certified, and our rig operators are certified in the IADC Well Control program. Our commitment to safety begins right from the hiring process, as every employee embarks on the journey of incorporation into our Safety Matrix. This matrix encompasses all necessary training and safety standards mandated by OSHA for the industry.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we report our Safety Statistics to reputable platforms like ISNetworld, PEC, and Avetta. This commitment to safety has not gone unnoticed, as we’ve earned safety awards from the companies we collaborate with. One remarkable achievement is the Best In Class Safety Award from Chevron EMC. Even during a surprise OSHA inspection while a NOV 5C Rig was operating for BP America, ORR emerged with an exemplary record — no findings, warnings, or citations were issued to us. This inspection can be verified on the OSHA web page.

Our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of our team, clients, and the environment. We stand proud of our achievements and continue to prioritize safety as a core value in all our operations.

Our Mission

ORR’s mission is grounded in safety and efficiency, aiming to deliver unparalleled Plug & Abandonment services in the Arkoma and Anadarko regions of Oklahoma, the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandles, the Barnett Shale of North Texas, Southwest Kansas, and Western Arkansas. We are committed to conducting our business with unwavering honesty, integrity, and pride, ensuring that our operations reflect the highest standards of quality and ethics.

Our Vision

ORR serves as a comprehensive solution for all Plug & Abandonment (P&A) Operations. Each project is managed on a Turnkey basis, encompassing everything from the initial document submissions to the final P&A filing.

Our commitment to seamless operations extends to our communication practices. Any Management of Change (MOC), changes in scope, or procedure modifications are relayed directly from ORR to our customers and state agencies. This proactive communication approach ensures that operations continue without any downtime, reflecting our dedication to delivering efficient and interruption-free services.

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